4th Annual
Great Lakes CleanUP
April 20, 2024.
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The Great Lakes CleanUP is a collaborative trash removal event to protect habitats throughout the Great Lakes Basin

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Our latest Great Lakes Cleanup has been a sweeping success! In 2023 alone, we had 7,256 volunteers clean up the shorelines of our Great Lakes. We collected over 133,240 pounds of litter across 9,000 acres. Among the trash, we prevented tens of thousands of cigarette butts, plastic bags and pieces of Styrofoam from entering our Great Lakes.

Thirty-five years of protecting our fresh water. Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper 35

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Great Lakes Communities

Dozens of Great Lakes Communities are working together to lead volunteers to act.

Coordinated trash CleanUP events & awareness campaigns.


Coordinated Cleanups

This 4th Annual Great Lakes CleanUP being held April 20, 2024 is led by Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper with funding by EPA/GLRI.

Grant Funding Jump Started CleanUP

Support For Our Efforts.

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In 2020, the EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration program led to the creation of the Great Lakes CleanUP. Nearly $300,000 in funding began the process - led by Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper – of engaging agencies across the Great Lakes basin to help remove and track litter. Four years later, over 20 partner organizations continue the work around Earth Day to make sure we protect and restore our Great Lakes for everyone.

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Globally significant resources...

New York is a Great Lakes state, and protection of our globally significant resources often falls on the shoulders of frontline communities and organizations. Join us as a partner or a volunteer in The Great Leakes CleanUP!

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Our CleanUP Partners will be hosting CleanUPs in communities in and around the Great Lakes Basin.

Meet Our CleanUP Partners

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